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Geologist by profession, cake making my obsession...

I’m a Venezuelan guy living in Qatar with full time job in the oil industry. Passionate about eating and making cakes

My adventure in the cake world started just by chance; I must confess I was always on the search of an excuse to eat cake, I'm kinda a “Cake-Addict”.

Few years ago, a good friend of mine (She bakes like the angels) had a baking class at home and I decided to join (just cuz I knew I was gonna eat cake at the end); I became regular to her classes, even two or three times a week... It was fun but the best of it was that I got my share of cake every time.

My interest about making cakes and sharing with people the joy and lavish pleasures of having a “GOOD” piece of cake begin to growth and this hidden passion started to unveil little by little.

Since then I got immerse in this wonderful world and there is not a day I do not explore the infinite possibilities out there to give people not just a pretty cake but the most tasteful and memorable one they may ever have.

Somehow I really enjoy being part of people special occasions in a way and seeing their happiness is the most gratifying feeling to me.

A never endless journey but a very pleasant and satisfying; at the end who does not enjoy a good piece of cake.

Ansa, your cakepicurean friend.