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How to made Isomalt Geodes

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Very easy to make and you will only need some wafer paper, luster dusts and lemon extract to paint, paintbrushes, exacto knife, small fire torch and of course isomalt… Just be careful when playing with Isomalt, make sure to wear … Continued

DIY Silicon Molds

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Hello my dearest; haven’t you had the urgent need for that particular shape or form for one of your creations which for sure you will not find when you need it or the time to ship it is not enough…? … Continued

“Magic” Tappit Cutters

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Many of us had really struggled to use this great but sometimes really frustrating tool, especially ifwe leave it for the last minute… The true is that there is an easy way to do it, it just require a little … Continued

Dragon Cupcake Toppers

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This cute little dragons are so easy to made and will add that special touch to your cupcakes… You will need: – Fondant- Rollin pin- Scalloped cookie cutter- Medium square cookie cutter (for the wings)- Small heart shape cookie cutter … Continued