Buttercream Camouflage Pattern

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Nice & Easy Buttercream Camouflage Pattern with fondant logo cake...


You will need:
- Cake and Buttercream (of course)
- Gel colors
- Pipping bags and nozzels (round tips)
- Foam painting rollers (NEW)

For the logo:
- Fondant
- Exacto knife
- Water brush
- Card board (for templates)


- Make sure to use "crust" buttercream recipe.
- Wait for some time after pipping all the colors before you start smoothing the icing. (5-10 min)
- Do not apply to much pressure when using the roller. (Be very gentle)
- Try to use couple of foam rollers in case the colors or oil will run over each other for the friction...

Enjoy caking...

By Ansa, your Cakepicurean friend...

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