DIY Silicon Molds

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Hello my dearest; haven't you had the urgent need for that particular shape or form for one of your creations which for sure you will not find when you need it or the time to ship it is not enough...?

Well here is a simple way that will save your life in such cases beleive me...

Making your own silicon molds is very simple and not really expensive and the possibilities are really incredible, trust me... Been there, done that.. LOL

There are many products available on-line to choose from. There is one that can even be melted in the microwave and reused for couple of times. How great is that...?

The one I used for my video is from a local supplier in Qatar (Saul Magick), it comes in two small bottles and includes a DVD with instructions.

Is really easy to work with; just mix equal parts of each bottle and is ready to use.

So no excuses anymore... Wait no longer and start doing your own silicon molds now...

Happy caking my dearest...

Your cakepicurean friend...

Some links to find similar products on-line for your referance.

If you are buying any just make sure the product is labelled as "Food Grade"……/…/B00EOA25X2

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