Dragon Cupcake Toppers

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This cute little dragons are so easy to made and will add that special touch to your cupcakes...

You will need:

- Fondant
- Rollin pin
- Scalloped cookie cutter
- Medium square cookie cutter (for the wings)
- Small heart shape cookie cutter (also for wings)
- Modeling tools
- Water brush
- Round piping tips
- Exacto cutter or small knife

- The round cutter should be a bit bigger than the top of your cupcakes.
- Make the dents all around it with the modeling tool (the one that looks like smiley face) to simulate dragon skin texture.
- For the wings: Cut a fondant square in half ( in diagonal) and with the upper part of heart shape cutter make some cuts on the diagonal side of each part.
- For the head: make a medium to small cone shape and with the help of the modelling tools add the details (nose, eye, ears, etc.)
- For the tail: make a longer cone shape and decorate with the different size spots.


To assembly:
- Spread some BC on your cupcake to stick the round fondant part. Try to cover it well so the cupcake and BC will not show (use same color BC and fondant if possible).
- Place the tail on top curving it around the cupcake. (the thick part will serve as support for the head)
- Place the head on top of the tail. (Head should face the thin part of the tail.)
- Stick the wings on the back part of the head and tail. (hold them for a bit until they are secure).


Enjoy caking...

By Ansa, your Cakepicurean friend...

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