Dates Bread Loaf “No Sugar”

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I been experimenting with a couple of dates recipes, some were to dry and others to sweet; but nothing was really that yummy so I decided to create my own.

So far is my favorite one, is perfectly balanced and moist and I’m happy to share it with you all.

It’s really easy to make, only few ingredients, and the best of it “NO SUGAR added” which is really good for the ones worried about the few extra calories.

If you want to indulge yourself and surprise your guests with a delicious homemade dessert during your special celebrations don’t be shy and try this really simple and delicious recipe.

Venezuelan Golfeados

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Similar to a cinnamon roll, “Golfeados” are Venezuelan traditional and very yummy sweet rolls snacks. The key ingredients in this case are the “papelón” (a molasses-like product of sugar cane processing, AKA Jeggary), anise seeds and “Queso Blanco” a white salty cheese. All is rolled inside a sweet roll dough, then baked, drizzled with syrup made with papelón and anise seeds, and sprinkled with more cheese. They are delicious and when you try it once you will love them forever