Marshmallows Graduation Caps Cupcake Toppers

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Do you want to surprise everyone with a topper which is not only made of fondant but can also be eaten as part of your cupcake...

This little graduation cap made with a yummy marshmallow covered in chocolate and specially dressed for the occasion will be the hit of the party.

You will need:

- Small cup with hot boiling water
- Small cupcake silicon mold (make sure it fits and hold inside the cup with the hot water)
- Parchment paper
- Toothpicks
- Marshmallows
- White chocolate & Cream (For the ganache)
- Fondant & tylose powder
- Rolling pin
- Small square cookie cutter (for the top part of the cap)
- Small star plunger cutter.
- Water brush
- Exacto cutter or small knife (I use the small spatula not to cut my silicon mat again)


1. Mix some black fondant with tylose powder, roll it a bit thick and cut the squares with the cookie cutter.

Tip: Let them set to dry hard preferably

2. Make the chocolate ganache or coverture as you will normally made it for cakepops.

Tip: you may need to microwave the chocolate few times during the process to keep the runny consistency. Althoug the trick of the hot water cup will help a lot.

3. Add the melted chocolate in the cupcake silicon mold and placed inside the cup of boiling water (Make sure the level will be enough to reach the silicon mold but not too much that will drip over of the cup)

Tip: With the parchment paper make a shield or cover around the cup to prevent the chocolate to splatter all around... Trust me it will get really messy if you don’t do it...

4. Insert a toothpick in the marshmallow, dip the marshmallow it in the melted chocolate. (Make sure it will get all covered . Repeat the step if necessary)

5. Spin the covered marshmallow around couple of times to remove the chocolate excess.

6. Let them dry (overnight if possible)

7. For the tassel, use some fondant stripes and a cutter to make the small parts.( See the video for more details)

Tip: make sure to measure a sample first to get the perfect length.

8. Once the fondant square and the covered marshmallow are dried, put them together to form the cap. (I used just a water brush)

9. Add the tassel on the top of the cap (they should go from the center of the cap to one of the corners, preferable all in the same direction lol). And as I’m a very OCD person I finish it with the little start. ( you can just use a small dot of fondant if you prefer)

Now you have a perfect topper for your graduation theme cupcakes. I also made small diplomas to go with them. You can make them few days ahead of time and keep in the fridge.


Enjoy caking...

Your Cakepicurean friend...

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